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Stretched displays are designed to fit the shelf or fridge in any supermarket. Price tag is no more a hard copy, instead, prices and even videos or pictures will be clearly seen on the screen of stretched displays. Furthermore, the store owner can use RS-CMS, which is very easy and intuitve to use, to remotely publish new content to the displays remotely via the Internet.


23.1" / 35" Stretched Displays
55" kiosk

Shopping Mall


The shopping mall had built several set of digital signage stands inside the mall, and the brand image is upgraded to higher level.


55" Video Wall 3.5mm Bezel

23.1" / 35" Streched Displays


Signage Player (Linux, Android)


TPE Airport


If you had visited Taiwan before, you may probably noticed there was a special Video Wall which was irregularly arranged. This video wall used our Linux Media Player and Video Spliter to achieve impressive video playback, and make the customer connect you and the video wall together. After the passengers leave the airport, they will remember that you are the different one every time when they see another video wall in another place. Let's make the anchoring.


Signage Player (Linux)

Video Spliter

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