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RS-CMS support to

Digital Signage Solutions

Android App for Signage

Run Android devices as digital signage player using our RSPlayer app.



Multi-display digital signage solution for Intel / AMD / NVIDIA / ARM platforms.



RS-CMS is a centralized Content Management System that can support all kinds of RapidSignage players and makes it easy to control at least 100 RapidSignage players.


We specialize in Digital Signage

  Digital Signage is a common saying of Dynamic Digital Signage, you may also hear of narrowcasting and electronic billboards. Digital Signage makes it easier for advertisements to be displayed to specific viewers at different places in different time periods, and the digital signage system has many useful widgets or functions, such as video, animation, picture, marquee, web browser, camera viewer, live data, etc., to communicate with customers more efficiently, and that's what RapidSignage offering to do.

  RapidSignage's solution can be applied in different spheres, such as company buildings, schools, cram schools, museums, retail stores, hotels, government, hospitals, banks, and transportation systems, etc., for the Digital Signage system users to remotely publish content and display much information on the same displays at the same time. Digital Signage makes the information delivery from business owners to their target audience quicker and easier, and Digital Signage system users just need to set up a publishing schedule, which could be very intuitive and convenient and will save a lot of your time.

  According to the research by Cisco and smallbusinessbonfire, over 40% of shoppers agree that digital displays can change what they are going to put into their buycart, and 80% of customers have entered a store because of a digital sign which catches their interest. So why not add some useful solution in your stores now? We are ready to offer you the best and stable solutions with incredible quality, contact us and find a new way to attract your customers right away!

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