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SEPD (Preliminary)
Serial Electronic Paper Display



  • E Ink Spectra™ 3100 features four colors designed for electronic shelf labels (ESL)

  • Self-efficient by using the indoor solar power module to generate power from indoor lights

  • Synchronized serial display update

  • Changeable content display for promotion

  • Various display modes for eye-catching marketing interaction

  • Support RS-CMS for content and device management

  • Support updating contents (BMP, JPG, PNG) via Wi-Fi

  • Energy-efficient and low-carbon emissions

  • Complied with SDGs


The optional PV module and smart battery pack turn SEPD into a self-sufficient indoor marketing and promotion solution; the PV module generates electric power from the indoor lights, and the smart battery pack can store the extra electric power to supply the SEPD while the lights are off.


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